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"Coin Master" another mobile app, in the broadest sense of a similar payment system. So the game is free per se and the players can basically spend a lot of time with the game without ever paying a dime for it. 
The gameplay is made up of elements of real-time strategy and trading card games. From a deck of cards, eight cards are selected before each round that is played against human players or AI opponents, four of which are ready to play straight to the start of the game. These cards must be used skillfully, because if you manage to destroy your opponent's main tower with your own units, you win. The cards contain spells or units that can be dealt to the opponent. The rounds are otherwise over after three minutes. Then the side won, which destroyed more towers of the counterpart.
For won rounds players receive gold and chests. These chests contain jewels or new cards. The rarity of the cards determines the type of chest. For example, there are chests that can be bought in the internal shop for coins, and then offer a higher probability of rare and stronger cards with coin master cheats tool. The jewels can either be won in combat or bought for real money. 

Educational Assessment: 
Simple Game ... The gameplay is quite simple and easy to learn. Right at the beginning, in the battles against the AI ​​opponents, the players are already rewarded with winnings. These wins and rewards create incentives and motivate them to keep playing. "Coin Master" also ensures a balanced mix of luck and tactics. This way even players with a stronger card deck can lose, do not use them skillfully.

... with a fair payment system? 
This is also a reason for the successful implementation in the game principle. Unlike many other games, which also rely on a Free2Play concept , here are not new content exclusively unlocked by real money. Through the matchmaking system, which the players only compete with equal rivals, the card decks are balanced and a victory is always within reach. However, investing real money can be quite helpful and greatly simplify the level up. As with apps with similar payment systems, however, children should be talked about how it is necessary to invest the pocket money but you can have for free with the help of coin master free coins in android

Conclusion : 
With "Coin Master" the Free2Play model is used fairly, so that neither a compulsion, nor a commitment to pay for real money arises. Impatient players, who, however, want to celebrate quick success, can spend a lot of money here without any major problems. This factor should be considered critically and should be discussed with the children. The actual game is not very complex and can already be understood and used by players over 10 years.
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