Thanks for Attending!!

Thanks for purchasing your ticket. Here is a guide on what to expect next.

I purchased my tickets. Now what? 

The haunt starts at Nightfall! (between 8:15-8:30 beginning of October)

Nightfall Haunt Tickets:

General admission: your group should have received a group number. Hang out and enjoy some food and drink until your group number is displayed on the screens or called. Once your group number is called head down the side walk (East) towards the large wood walls and skeletons. A staff member will be waiting for you.

Fast Pass: your group can get food and drink and then head down and get in the fast pass line whenever you would like.

VIP tickets:start the haunt whenever you want. Walk down and our staff will see your tickets and get you to the front!!

Fear the Clown Hay Ride:

The loading depot is down the side walk to the East! Your group can wait in line and board when it is your turn. If your group purchased the combo pack you can jump right on to the hay ride and do the Nightfall Haunt after or vice versa. If your number gets called while you are on the hay ride you can just go down to the start and they will fit you in. 

I just ordered food and drink and my group number was called.

No worries. Take your time. When you are done you can head down to the entrance and they will get you taken care of.

I lost my phone!!

OH NO!! That's no fun. Our crew goes thru the haunt at the end of each night cleaning up. If we find the phone it will be placed in lost and found and can be retrieved the next day. NO we can not let you go back thru the haunt with flashlights. That will ruin the experience for other guests.

What are the rules?
Our rules are simple. Don't touch our actors. Respect the groups ahead and behind you. If you catch a group slow down and let them get the best experience without you ruining it! Everyone goes at a different pace.

Strobe lights in use. Close Toed Shoes Required. Not recommended for children under 12. Minors must be accompanied with an adult.

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